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Welcome to Da Juana Byrd’s Psychic Game Web Site.

These games are not only for fun but they are designed to enhance your psychic ability. 

All it takes is focus and concentration.  Remember, the more you praise yourself, the more quickly your abilities will increase. These games are not designed to make your ego run rampant but rather to let you acknowledge the fact that you are psychic too.  

There are three levels in which to play:  the Beginning Level, the Intermediate Level and the Expert Level. 

Psychic ability has to have a confident spirit in which to grow.  These games are designed so that you may see your abilities growing. 

The Beginning Level has three levels in it:  Level One, Two and Three.  As you progress up the levels, you will notice that your confidence grows.  With renewed self-assurance, you are able to focus and concentrate more and thus your psychic ability grows as you complete each game correctly.  Be sure to start at the beginning where you have a fifty- fifty chance to get the correct answer.

On the Intermediate Level, you also have three levels of play.  As you progress through the levels, your odds of getting correct answers decrease.  When you get the correct answers, be sure to pat yourself appropriately on the back. 

When you feel confident at the Intermediate Level, then you should go on to the Expert Level, which has three levels too.   Please be sure to email us if you are consistently getting the correct answers. We would love to hear from you.

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