Moderate Games

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The games you are about to embark on are called “Picture This.”   When you start, you will notice a picture frame with a blank page in it. Behind the blank page are words that make up a picture.  Your job is to decide what that picture is. 

We have given you multiple-choice buttons to help you along.  You can visualize the picture in the frame in order to help you make the correct choices.  Focus and concentration is the key to finding the correct buttons.  Generally your first thoughts are the best ones.

Only one button per column can be used in this game. 

Go by your feelings. If you feel sad, pick the appropriate button.  Sense the colors of the hidden picture and pick the appropriate buttons.  Once you have visualized the picture, make your choices.

Please remember not to be too tough on yourself and always give yourself kudos’ for any correct answer.  

These games not only are fun but they are designed to help to enhance your psychic ability.  There are three levels of games in which to play: the beginning level, moderate level and the expert level. 

Psychic ability has to have confidence in which to grow.  These games have been designed so that you can see your abilities growing. 

The moderate level has three levels in it:  beginning, intermediate and expert.  As you progress up the levels, you will notice that your confidence grows.  With renewed self-assurance, you are able to focus and concentrate more and thus your psychic ability grows as you complete each game correctly.

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